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In the natural world, God has placed in the hands of the children of men the key to unlock the treasure house of His word

Discovering His Treasures™
Hosted by
Daniel McFeeters


Searching for good nature materials to help you learn about the Bible through nature?
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Kristina began developing the ministry in '05 at her parents’ country home in Washington State, and Elisabeth joined her there between August '07 and March '09. In March of '09, Daniel and Kristina were married, and now live in a country home of their own in Kentucky.

By Kristina McFeeters

     From the earliest years, my parents sought to encourage a love for the natural world. Although the first years weren’t spent in the country, they always brought nature in through the backyard garden and Sabbath afternoon walks in some forest park. They patiently taught me not to be afraid of spiders and bees and told me how nature shows to us that God is love.
     We moved to the country when I was nine, opening a whole new world to study. The variety of birds at our feeder, the deer in the backyard, the mountains and forests to roam and explore. We took identification books on our walks, and learned the names of flowers, trees and edible plants as our homeschool science class.
     But to my childish mind something was missing—a link that would somehow, in some way, help nature come to life. Nature facts became dry and lifeless and I began to wonder— how could facts teach you about God?
   God never forsakes a soul who is searching for truth! He began teaching our family how to discover the truths of His word, as revealed in His creation.
     This opened up a completely new world to me. For the first time, not only did the “dry and lifeless” nature facts have a new meaning, but the Bible sprang to life, as well!
     To study something from Scripture in my devotions, and then find an illustration of that very lesson on a nature walk not only helped deepen the lesson learned, but helped make it practical as well!
     Nature study became a hobby during the homeschool years and continued during my studies at Ouachita Hills College. On travels with school and colporteuring, the need for learning to use nature as a key was impressed upon my mind. Opportunities for sharing nature lessons multiplied.
     After graduation from OHC in May, 2005, new challenges arose with finding my niche in God’s work. Many job openings and calls made it frustrating to know where to go! God patiently led, and in the fall of 2005, the idea for Discovering His Treasures ministry was born.
     It has been amazing to see all the miracles that God has worked to make this ministry possible. So many obsticles have been removed, so many doors opened. Right when help was needed, help came. My parents, local friends, supportive SDA churches in Arkansas and Kentucky, Elisabeth Mizner, and countless others have been sent just when they were needed most.
     Right at the time when Discovering His Treasures ministry began, God worked another miracle by sending Daniel McFeeters, a friend of mine in Kentucky, to help with building this website. Little did I know that through our correspondence, we would get to know each other and that Daniel would not only become an integral part of Discovering His Treasures Ministry, but that we would later join our lives together in marriage. (Read our story online here)
     This ministry isn’t just for young families with children. We are here to reach everyone from ages 0 – 120 (i.e. everyone). We are amazed at the response from the adults who attend the workshops. There is so much to learn and it is so much fun too!
     It's not a money making venture, but it's a ministry dedicated to help YOU in your walk with God and making the Bible come alive and real through the facinating world of nature. Our goal is to give you a taste of what there is to discover, and then teach you how to use the key of nature to find your own treasures! May God richly bless you!
~ Daniel & Kristina McFeeters

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