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In the natural world, God has placed in the hands of the children of men the key to unlock the treasure house of His word

Discovering His Treasures™
Hosted by
Daniel McFeeters


About the Ministry

Discovering His Treasures™ was a ministry dedicated to bringing people closer to God through the message of His Word and His Works, and to training and equiping people to do evangelism using the simple tools God has given us through His creation.

Discovering His Treasures was dedicated to the mission of re-discovering primitive godliness through the treasure house of the Bible and the lesson books of creation. Our aim was to revive the mission and teachings of Christ in the 21st century. Our mission was threefold. Firstly, it was a mission of discovery, to bring the principles of practical Christianity to life through the teachings of the Bible, through simple illustrations in the natural world, and through health and lifestyle choices that will improve our lives and bring us closer to God. Secondly, our mission was one of empowerment, to equip every believer to become a discoverer of God's treasures and a teacher of His truths. We are dedicated to giving you, your church, and your community the tools to continue discovering His treasures and lead others to a closer walk with God. Last but not least, our mission was to bring about a revival, as Christians everywhere take a renewed interest in the study of God's word and experience a revival of heart and experience. Ultimately, this ministry aims to be a part of a last-day movement to bring the gospel of Christ and the message of His soon return to the world in this generation.

Your prayers and support are much appreciated! May God bless you as you keep Discovering His Treasures!

~ Discovering His Treasures Ministry Team
The Discovering His Treasures Ministry Team: Daniel McFeeters, Kristina Reeve, and Elisabeth Mizner