Seminars and Scheduling

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In the natural world, God has placed in the hands of the children of men the key to unlock the treasure house of His word

Discovering His Treasures™
Hosted by
Daniel McFeeters


Sample weekend seminar...

Treasures in Judgment
Turn nature's key into the Biblical account of Elijah the prophet and the same old Bible story will come to life! Don't miss this unforgettable experience as we explore the Bible through the world of nature. Nature slides, activities, and stories will be of interest to all ages. You will be thrilled at what you find!

Friday evening:
   Showers of Blessing
Discover the wonderful design of the hydrologic cycle and what the Bible can teach us about it.

Sabbath Worship Service:
   Lessons from the Smallest Birds
Lessons fly thick and fast, enriching character and spiritual growth. Special feature includes, "Friend or Foe?", a slide show on the snares of Satan, as illustrated in nature.

Sabbath Afternoon:
   Digging for Pearls
Learn more about the Bible and nature through this fun activity for all ages. (Parents will need to work with their children)

Sabbath Evening:
   Consider the Heavens
Have you ever wondered what more there could be to stars and constellations than just Greek Mythology? We will catch a glimpse of God's story in the stars. Special feature includes, "Nearing Home", a slide show with lessons on the nearness of Christ's coming.


Note: Discovering His Treasures seminars are no longer in operation. The information contained here describes the nature seminars as we conducted them several years ago.

Our nature seminars were designed to give you a taste of the wonders of nature, the lessons that can be discovered, and learn fun, practical ways that you can find your own! Emphasis was especially placed on spiritual growth, character development and the truths of God’s Word as illustrated in the natural world.

The meetings were designed for the enjoyment and learning of all ages, but specifically geared to teaching YOU how to teach others through nature--adding spice to your personal devotions, Sabbath School classes, evangelistic outreach, children's ministries, etc. There are so many ways that you can incorporate nature into your life and it's a fun way to teach all ages. During the seminars, we always encouraged families to get involved together.

Seminars included Bible study, nature slide presentations, nature object lesson activities, and group treasure hunts outdoors (weather/location permitting).   We would also have other nature materials available for sale, to help you continue to practice what you learn after the meetings end. Experience the thrill and joy that comes when God teaches YOU lessons from nature!

Topics included:

Reflections from Nature

Why should we study nature and where do we start?
Lessons from the Smallest Birds
A closer look at hummingbirds and what we can learn
Consider the Heavens
Take a peek at the wonders of Orion and Pleiades
Friend or Foe?
Warnings of Satan’s snares laid for our spiritual lives, illustrated by things found in nature
Meadowlark Versus Mocking Bird
Where does our song originate?
Shining For Him
Fireflies always seem to have a ready light to brighten the darkness around them. Learn more about their facinating characteristics while discovering ways that we can shine for Jesus
Nearing Home
The natural world prepares for each winter storm. The animals quicken their pace when they are nearing familiar territory. What are we doing to prepare for trials, challenges and Christ’s coming to take us home?
He Leadeth Me
Hop on for a tour of a rancher's life through the year and see just how many lessons we can learn about Christ's character, love, and care for each of us, and how we can become more like Him.

…And more inspiring topics!