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In the natural world, God has placed in the hands of the children of men the key to unlock the treasure house of His word

Discovering His Treasures™
Hosted by
Daniel McFeeters


"This is why it is so important for us to be spending our time beholding God’s works...I never really thought about that before, that studying nature is really beholding God. That helps me understand why my walk with God is stronger when I spend time in nature and when I get too busy to even notice the leaves on the sidewalk, my walk is weak." ~email

"I really enjoyed the way Discovering His Treasures uses common everyday things to explain important truths like true Bible faith. The slides and hands-on activities really helped me to become engrossed in the truths presented." ~Seminar attendee

"The nature object lessons are so helpful. They are geared so that everyone can gain something. My brother is 8 years old and he enjoyed it just as much as the older adults. In nature we can truly see God closer than ever before." ~ Seminar attendee

"I found your website intriguing. I have also noticed how well scripture fits with nature and visa versa. I'm glad the Lord prompted you to have a website. I feel at this time God is using us all in our own personal areas that He has planted in us to reach others...I will pass the info on your website on to friends also. God Bless." ~ Web message


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