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In the natural world, God has placed in the hands of the children of men the key to unlock the treasure house of His word

Discovering His Treasures™
Hosted by
Daniel McFeeters

Discovering Healthy Living

We at Discovering His Treasures believe that God wants us to live healthy, happy lives. God has given us foods and ways of living that have made our lives better, and part of our ministry is to share these treasures of knowledge in our community. Since October 2009, Daniel and Kristina have been holding once-a-month Healthy Living Seminars in McCreary County, Kentucky. Since then, we have been asked to do the same classes at a health food store in Somerset, and have helped with numerous health-related events in the area, including assisting with weight-loss and diabetes classes at our local health department and even hosting a week-long "Kids Cooking College" at the local branch of the Somerset Community College.

As we are invited to travel and speak at various locations, we share some of the things we have been doing in our community in the area of health education. When Jesus came to this earth nearly two-thousand years ago, He spent as much time healing people as He did preaching. So, in our work we want to help people be healthy physically--both to improve their lives, and to open doors for spiritual awakening, as well.


Cooking Demonstrations

Natural Remedies - Not a Doctor?

  1. Hot Foot Bath Demo (YouTube)
  2. Fomentation Treatment (YouTube)
  3. Medicinal Herbs (YouTube)
  4. Onion Remedies (YouTube)